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Heinz Eifel Eiswein

Heinz Eifel



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  • Eiswein 2012
  • Riesling
  • Germany > Rheinhessen
  • White, Sweet, Medium-Bodied, Fruity, Rich
  • Best on their own, but if you must eat, pair Eiswein with dishes that are only marginally sweet.
  • Roasted quince with vanilla ice cream,
  • salted shortbread
  • or foie gras pan-seared with an apricot glaze.
  • Eyes: Straw Yellow
  • Nose: Intense, developing, floral, honeysuckle, stone fruits
  • Mouth: Medium-Full Bodied, sweet, high acidity, intense, long finish, apricot, peach, honey
  • Parker: N/A
  • Wine Spectator: N/A
  • NYTimes: N/A
  • Bottlerocket Index: 3
  • germany rheinhessen white.png
  • Only intentionally produced commercially since the 1960's (really?), Eiswein represents the pinnacle of what a grape can give. It entails numerous and laborious nighttime passes in the frost covered, almost vertically sloped vineyards, hand-picking super-ripe, frozen, rot-free grapes; soon transformed by winemaker Anne Eifel-Spohr into glorious nectar. Thank you ice.

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Heinz Eifel > Eiswein. White, Sweet, Medium-Bodied, Fruity, Rich. Germany