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La Quintinye


  • Vermouth Royal Blanc
  • Wine, Pineau des Charentes, Herbs, Botanicals
  • France > Charente
  • White, Touch Sweet, Medium-Bodied, Floral, Soft
  • Vermouth Blanc, the third child.
  • Add equal parts sweet and blanc to make an even more perfect Manhattan.
  • Sip on the rocks with a twist
  • or mix with Scotch and cherry Brandy for a gritty Blood & Sand.
  • Eyes: Yellow-Gold
  • Nose: Intense, mature, floral, grape, herbaceous
  • Mouth: Medium Bodied, medium sweet, medium acidity, moderate-high intensity, medium-long finish, honeysuckle, citrus fruits, stone fruits
  • Wine Advocate: N/A
  • Wine Spectator: N/A
  • Wine Enthusiast: N/A
  • Wine & Spirits: N/A
  • Bottlerocket Index: 3
  • france charente white.png
  • Developed by Jean-Sebastien Robicquet (Ciroc, G-Vine) and produced in Charente from a base of white wines, Pineau des Charentes (a Vin de Liqueur; fresh grape juice and must blended with very young Cognac) and a slew of botanicals (12-28) from angelica to quinine bark, La Quininye (pronounced: quin-tea-knee) was named for Louis XIV's chief gardener and herb master.

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