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March 3, 2008

> Tonight! Backstage with Kiki & Herb
> Tomorrow! Best-ever wine intro class
> Bottlerocket in New York Magazine

kiki and herb

Don't miss this. An extraordinary chance to hang with Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman, the people behind downtown cabaret superstars Kiki & Herb. Monday, March 3rd from 6 to 8 pm, Justin and Kenny come to Bottlerocket. Taste wines from Beaujolais poured by the Beaujo-ladies. Pick up a copy of the first Kiki & Herb DVD, Live at the Knitting Factory, exclusively available at Bottlerocket. Yes, you can buy the DVD online. But that's not quite the same thrill as meeting the artists. Come with questions you've always wanted to ask them. Get your DVD signed. Admire them up close and personal. Eclectic Salon, indeed.

wine class

You've always wanted to know a little more about wine. You like the stuff. But that's not enough anymore.
Join a small group around the table at Bottlerocket for 4 evenings and have fun with expert instructor Ellisa Cooper. You'll cover all the basics. You'll taste more than 24 wines, taking time to sniff, swirl and ask lots of questions. Best of all, you'll become confident about wine.

boutique wine shop

The next Explore Wine Introductory Series starts Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30 pm. It runs for 4 consecutive Tuesdays. A few spots remain. Call 212-929-2323 to sign up now.

In case you missed it, Bottlerocket got the attention of New York Magazine last week, in "The Rise of the Boutique Bottle Shop." Read an excerpt here. Or buy a back issue if you want to see Lindsay Lohan imitate Marilyn Monroe's famous poses...


Explore Wine: Four Week Introductory Series. $175

Starts Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30 pm
Ellisa Cooper, Instructor

A practical, fun, utilitarian workshop to familiarize you with the major types and styles of wine. You will learn how wine is made, how to taste and evaluate wine, and ultimately what you like personally. Our goal is to provide you with the information and experience to make you comfortable, confident consumers.

March 4 – Explore the Major Varieties
Know the noble and notable wines of the world and a bit of history.
March 11 – Explore Old vs. New World
Learn how a region, grape grower and wine maker can influence the final product.
March 18 – Explore White
Dig deeper into the huge variety of white wines.
March 25 – Explore Red
Taste through the world of red wine.
Conclude with practical advice on continuing the adventure.

About Ellisa Cooper: Ellisa possesses an extensive, almost encyclopedic, knowledge of all things wine-related. She is currently developing her own media concept for Television and DVD titled "The Two Things You Need to Know About Wine." Her own education in wine began while working in several of the great New York restaurants where top chefs Terrance Brennan, Waldy Malouf, Marco Moiera, Dave Pasternack and Marc Murphy prepared foods that demanded great wines. She is currently a Master Sommelier candidate through The Court of Master Sommeliers. Ellisa is a founder of the retail shop Discovery Wines. Ellisa's mantra is simple, "The only way to learn wine is to drink wine."

Explore Wine classes start promptly at 6:30 and end at 7:30pm. Only 18 lucky participants can be accommodated, first come, first serve. Full payment in advance required and no refunds possible.


kiki and herb

Monday, March 3, 6 – 8 pm
Eclectic Salon: Kiki & Herb

This Tony-nominated pair sashay over to Bottlerocket for some serious schmoozing. Their first-ever DVD, Kiki & Herb: Live at the Knitting Factory, will be available for purchase and signing. Tastes of chilled red Beaujolais will be served, courtesy of the Beaujo-ladies and Licensed to Chill. Find out why Ben Brantley of the New York Times calls Kiki & Herb "mind-popping, transcendent, and wondrous, of devastating depth and substance." Free. Reservations not required.

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