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Cep by Cep


  • Anjou Rouge 2017
  • Cabernet Franc
  • France > Loire Valley >> Anjou
  • Red, Dry, Light-Bodied, Fruity, Fresh
  • Match a vibrantly fresh Cab. Franc with whatever's on the table.
  • Loire locals will do rillettes du porc or saumon au vin.
  • Mediterraneans will go for eggplant with roasted peppers.
  • For us Yanks: burgers and fries.
  • Eyes: Ruby
  • Nose: Medium-High Intensity, youthful, floral, red fruits, spicy
  • Mouth: Light Bodied, dry, medium-high acidity, light tannin, moderate intensity, medium finish, raspberry, strawberry, cherry
  • Bottlerocket Index: 3
  • france loire red.png
  • In the 9th century, Anjou was all about Charles the Bald (worst King name ever) expelling the marauding Vikings, while the 13th century had it ruled by Charles I. He himself the expelled King of Sicily. Now the central-western Loire Valley gets its fame for its tourist-mobbed castles and its wines, like Cep by Cep's (by Ch. Roulerie's Philippe Germain) low sulfite and freshly forward drinking Cabernet Franc.

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