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Chateau Tour Grise



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  • Ze Bulle Zero Pointe NV
  • Chenin Blanc
  • France > Loire Valley
  • Bubbly White, Touch Sweet, Crisp
  • Joyful wine, joyful pairings.
  • For the ambitious, a baked goat cheese soufflé an apple-walnut salad.
  • For the hedonist: Mac & cheese with black truffles and crispy pancetta bread crumbs.
  • I regret nothing.
  • Eyes: Yellow-Gold
  • Nose: Medium Intensity, developing, citrus fruits, stone fruits, tropical fruits
  • Mouth: Light-Medium Bodied, off-dry, medium-high acidity, moderate-high intensity, medium finish, quince, lemon, peach
  • Wine Advocate: N/A
  • Wine Spectator: N/A
  • Wine Enthusiast: N//A
  • Wine & Spirits: N/A
  • Bottlerocket Index: 3
  • france loire white.png
  • Philippe Gourdon left his family domaine in 1990, starting Chateau Tour Grise as a strict biodynamic farm with a firm belief in biodiversity. At odds to all this seriousness is his festive Ze Bulle. Collecting the CO2 from the fermenting Chenin Blanc, Philippe saves it in a giant balloon, returning it to the wine later to achieve the bubbles. He also owns a cave. An actual cave.

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