Cocktail Library

Some of the best cocktails are the ones with few ingredients and even fewer steps.

Quick, easy, and delicious, enjoy these cocktails in the comfort of your home. No reservations required.

Check back often as we will be adding more great recipes throughout the year.

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ODVI - Side Car

odvi sidecar

1 1/2 oz ODVI Armagnac 

1 oz  Combier Liqueur d'Orange 

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

orange peel, for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Pour over fresh ice and garnish with a swath of orange zest.

Pomp & Whimsy - Modern Spritz

1 1/2 oz Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur 

1/2 oz  fresh grapefruit juice  

3 oz sparkling wine 

splash of club soda

grapefruit peel, for garnish

Pour Pomp & Whimsy and grapefruit juice into a wine glass filled with ice, top with sparkling wine and club soda.

Garnish with a grapefruit peel.

Eigashima Akashi Whisky - The Godfather

2 oz Akashi White Oak Whisky 

2/3 oz  Amaretto  

Orange peel

Combine whisky and amaretto in mixing or pint glass over ice. Stir. Strain over fresh ice in a tumbler glass.

Twist an orange peel to release zest and rub around rim before adding to glass.

Mars Shinshu Iwai - Gold Rush

2 oz MARS SHINSHU Iwai Japanese Whisky 

1 oz honey syrup*

3/4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice (oftentimes about half a lemon)

Lemon peel

Mix whisky, honey syrup, and lemon juice in a shaker. Pour over ice in a tumbler glass. Garnish with lemon peel.

*Dissolve equal parts honey and water to create a honey syrup..

Maker's Mark - Bloody Mary

1 part MAKER'S MARK Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

3-4 parts Bloody Mary Mix

Rim a tall glass/Collins glass with seasoning salt. Add ice. Add whiskey then bloody mary mix to glass. Garnish with pickle, lime, & olives.

Tip: Leave about a finger width room from the top of the glass so you can add any hot sauce or garnishes you'd like.

Brenne Whisky - Brenne Boulevardier

BRENNE Estate Cask Whisky 


 Sweet Vermouth (try Carpano Antica Formula or Dolin Rouge)

Orange for garnish (optional)

Pour equal parts Brenne, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth over ice. Stir. Strain and either serve up or over a large ice cube.

If you have it, garnish with a citrus peel or wedge.

Mr. Black Spirits + High West Whiskey - Cold Old-Fashioned

1 part MR. BLACK SPIRITS Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

1 part HIGH WEST Double Rye Whiskey

Dash of ANGOSTURA Orange Bitters 

Orange for garnish

Stir with ice and serve in an old-fashioned glass. Garnish with an orange peel.⁣

Maker's Mark - Maker's Shaker

2 parts MAKER'S MARK Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

1 part lemon juice

1 tablespoon of your favorite jam

Build cocktail in a mason jar over ice then shake for 10 seconds. And you're done!

Brenne Whisky - Parisian Highball

BRENNE Estate Cask Whisky 

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

 A lemon

Pour 2 oz of Brenne over ice, top off with Perrier. If you have it, garnish with a lemon wheel.⠀

New York Distilling Co.'s Boulevardier

NYDC Ragtime Rye Cocktail

1oz NYDC Applejack Finished Ragtime Rye Whiskey

1oz Campari

 1oz Sweet Vermouth (try Carpano Antica Formula or Dolin Rouge

Stir, serve on the rocks with an orange twist

Blackened's Old Pal

Blackend Whiskey Cocktail

BLACKENED American Whiskey


 Dry Vermouth (try Dolin)

Pour equal parts over ice. Stir and serve in a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.