Sauternes 2005

Sauternes 2005

Pinot Noir  2017

Pinot Noir 2017

Jules Taylor

  • Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest 2014
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • New Zealand
  • White, Sweet, Medium-Bodied, Fruity, Crisp
  • What to serve with Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc?
  • Try a lemon and yuzu meringue tart, pineapple cheesecake,
  • dried apricots with Gorgonzola
  • or a goat cheese and grilled plum dessert pizza.
  • Eyes: Yellow-Gold
  • Nose: Medium-High Intensity, developing, citrus fruits, honeysuckle, stone fruits
  • Mouth: Medium Bodied, sweet, high acidity, intense, long finish, quince, peach, honey
  • Wine Advocate: N/A
  • Wine Spectator: N/A
  • Wine Enthusiast: N/A
  • Wine & Spirit: N/A
  • Bottlerocket Index: 3
  • newzealand marlborough white 0001.png
  • With a zoology degree in her pocket, Jules Taylor did the only thing a specialist can do in an overstaffed industry. She started studying winemaking and viticulture as her backup plan, counting harvests in Piedmont and Sicily as on the job training and crediting a stint at Marlborough Valley Cellars with the chance to work with mentors like Kim Crawford and Simon Waghorn.
Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest 2014
Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest 2014
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