Live-a-Little "Really Ravishing Red" NV

Volnay 1er Cru Taillepieds 2009

Volnay 1er Cru Taillepieds 2009


  • Moscatel 2016
  • Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains
  • Spain > Navarra
  • White, Sweet, Medium-Bodied, Fruity, Rich
  • Serve an ultra-vibrant Moscatel and make a statement.
  • Perfect with a passion fruit-topped foie gras terrine
  • and heaven with creme brulée.
  • Lemon souffle pancakes with a mango reduction too.
  • Eyes: Yellow-Gold
  • Nose: Medium-High Intensity, developing, floral, honey, stone fruits
  • Mouth: Medium Bodied, sweet, high acidity, intense, medium-long finish, apricot, peach, lychee
  • Bottlerocket Index: 3
  • spain navarra white 0001.png
  • Originally located within the Kingdom of Navarra's walled city of Olite, Bodegas Ochoa can trace its wine lineage back to 1370, when King Carlos II, and later Carlos III, counted on Ochoa de Ayanz as their go-to wine guy. Modernized and relocated, 7 centuries years later there are still Ochoas at the helm, producing classically-aged reds and intense dulce de Moscatel.
Moscatel 2016
Moscatel 2016
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