5 W 19th St
New York, NY 10011


Store Hours
Mon-Sat 11-9
Sun 12-8





“This cheery, laid-back Flatiron shop makes wine selection easy for those short on time, knowledge, or both. With ingenious categories..., the selections are fun and well-priced, and are backed by a helpful staff.”


“[Bottlerocket has] all sorts of new ideas to make the wine buying experience more fun and less intimidating.”

“Shopping takes a more playful approach at Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit in the Flatiron District, with cleverly named categories that offer bottles by theme...”

“Trendy, design-driven stores such as Bottlerocket—the new [Zagat rated] #2 wine mecca—are driving a corkscrew into the heart of traditional wine selling.”

“If Romper Room carried wine, it would look like this. The philosophy is wine buying made fun and easy...”

“...this shiny new shop is for you. It’s sleek but not slick, mod but not snob, and the wine is so well set up that you can leave the cheat sheet at home... a great place to hang out.”

“...Bottlerocket [is] a new wine store in Chelsea that features a selection of ‘green’ wines.”

“The wine world attracts people who love life and are fun to be around... [customers and employees at Bottlerocket] are like a huge family.”

“... the ultimate service oriented wine store.”

“An ‘innovator’ among vintners, this Flatiron shop gets an ‘A in creativity’ for the ‘eye-catching’ themed displays ... at this ‘terrific addition to the winescape of Manhattan.’ ”