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Pinot Noir Harmony In My Head 2017

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Cossart Gordon

  • Madeira Verdelho 2008
  • Verdelho
  • Portugal > Madeira
  • White, Sweet, Medium-Bodied, Fruity, Vibrant
  • Pairing dishes with a super-zesty, medium-sweet Verdelho Madeira? Don't spare the salt!
  • Grab some olives, almonds, aged Pecorino,
  • smoked ham, county paté
  • and a rabbit and pistachio terrine.
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Nose: Intense, mature, citrus fruits, dried fruit, nutty
  • Mouth: Medium Bodied, medium sweet, high acidity, intense, long finish, salty, lemon, hazelnut
  • Vinous: 93
  • Wine Enthusiast: 92
  • Bottlerocket Index: 4
  • portugal madeira white 0001.png
  • The oldest company currently in the Madeira trade, Cossart Gordon was founded in 1745 by Scotsman, Francis Newton. By 1850, they were said to be shipping "half the island"; the bulk of which was headed for the US. The 20th century saw expansion to include all the major fortified wines: Port, Sherry, Marsala and Malaga, but WWII made international logistics a wee bit difficult and they scaled back to their core business.
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